How to FINALLY Stop Hitting Snooze

Fellow semi-somniacs: how many times did you hit the “snooze” button this morning?

When did you finally wake up, and how did you feel? I’m willing to bet that you didn’t summersault out of bed singing to the sun.

Perhaps, like me, you’ve tried all the modern advice: put your phone in another room, go to bed earlier, turn on the lights…

and it works for a day or two…

but you fall back into your old routine in no time.

Here’s how you can FINALLY break your love affair with “snooze.”

  1. Know your sleep cycle

As you probably know, when you sleep, your brain goes through different stages. Light sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep… these cycles last about 90 min and repeat many times throughout the night.

We’ve all had that feeling of sleeping in waaay too late and STILL waking up as groggy as Billy the zombie from Hocus Pocus. Or, perhaps you can remember a night you only slept a few hours and woke up feeling more like Sarah Sanderson. (“I am beautiful! Boys will love me!”)

How is this possible? It’s all in the timing, baby.

If you interrupt a deep sleep cycle, no matter how long you slept, you’re going to feel a mess. (This is why experts suggest naps of less than 30 min.)

But how do you know WHEN to wake up? Does the classic advice of 8 hours still apply?

Personally, I’ve found apps like Sleep Cycle to be immensely helpful in this department. This isn’t an ad, I’ve just used it and it works. It’s free, try it out.

Or, check out this free calculator and simply set your alarm for one of these times. This has also worked wonders for me.  I love that it gives you a few times to choose from.

I’ve found that if I wake up at just the right time, I feel refreshed and ready to get out of bed, no matter how much or how little I slept.

Of course, this tip works best when combined with a solid intention and a wee bit of planning from the night before

2. Set an intention

Even if you went to bed at the perfect time and woke up at the perfect minute and had the perfect amount of sleep… you’re still going to have the powerful temptation for just “five more minutes” of blissful bed time.

And why not? The world is cold and demanding out there! In your pillow cloud, Margot Robbie thinks you’re a god and your comforter hugs you with all the warmth in the world.

There’s no sleep as satisfying as those golden minutes between alarms, is there?

Yet, as you know, these pleasures come with a heavy price. You’ll finally have to wake up again, groggy this time, and late for life. It’s not worth it!

What if, instead, you were armed with a sword against the Sandman and a shield against temptation?

We can agree on one thing: the words we speak to ourselves become our realities. (Our thoughts become actions, our actions become habits, etc.) Self-hypnosis is so in right now.

Believe it: It IS possible to hack your mind a little and reprogram it to wake up, once, the first time.

It starts the night before. Try saying to yourself before you close your eyes: “When I hear [alarm sound] my sleep will end and my day will begin.”  Visualize yourself sitting up and stretching when you hear the sound.

I recommend you pick a new sound today to symbolize a fresh start.

Then, in the morning, when the alarm goes off, say to yourself: “I feel refreshed and ready to leave the bed. I’m open to what this day brings.” Open your eyes.

3. Give yourself something to look forward to

Ok, you’re up now. Maybe you’re in the bathroom scrolling though the news, or maybe you’re in the kitchen drinking some cold water.

Now, one little extra tip I recommend is making the bed right away. Yes… I’m saying it, too. However, not because it’s the first completed task of the dayalthough that is nicebut simply because it’s harder to get back into a freshly made bed and ruin all your work. A made bed says, “sleep is over, no looking back.”

Even if you don’t do this (no judgement), I highly recommend giving yourself one thing to look forward to in the morning. I suggest that it’s something that gives you pleasure and with some amount of productivity.

For example, I like to sit outside in the garden and record my dreams. You might like to listen to a new favorite podcast.

If you start waking up with time to spare but don’t do anything with it, your tricky lil mind is going to use that as leverage tomorrow morning when the alarm goes off. “What are you really going to do, stare at the cat? It’s so much warmer in here…”

It’s best to plan this out the night before so that you don’t have to make something up when you’re vulnerable.

With just three mini changes (time your cycle, set an intention, and give yourself a reward), “snooze” will be a thing of the past. The trick is to DECIDE. Your will makes all the difference.

Try it out and let me know in the comments below how it works for you.

x Bettie

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