Your Sleep is Sacred

YOU own the space behind your eyelids.

No one can take this from you but yourself.

Not your family, not your boss, not the ghosts of your past. Just you.

You may fight it, you may pretend it isn’t there…

…but at one point in the night you will surrender to the peace, again.

(Whether you like it or not.)

Your mind will go blank, your subconscious will take over, and you will let go.

You will meet your True Self. You will dance with the Universe.

The one you call out to in your darkest hour, in your throes of passion,

Will greet you tonight.

No need to wait until the final moment.

Close your eyes…

And let go.

You may cling to wakefulness, desperate to reclaim some part of your identity

That you sold to the collective dream.

Yet, with an ironic smile, it waits for you on the other side.

Hello, again.

Your spirit regards you tenderly, as if to say,

“You adorable sack of meat,

Why wrestle with a beast older than time?

Why resist the inevitable?”


Do you insist on being Other, on being Special, on being small?

Do you fear the softness in your heart, the tenderness you’ve locked away in a tower?

Or are you terrified of the dragon, all of your mess and violence and darkness?

There is nothing to be afraid of.

You were born of the same spark of creation.

There is no “good” or “evil”, only “acknowledged” and “repressed.”

There is no shame, there is no glory.

You are all that ever was and all that ever will be.

As the veil lifts over your subconscious,

Your Inner Child cries out to you…

A symbolic language only you can understand.

Are you listening to your dreams?

Do you scoff at their absurdity,

Or do you ponder their messages?

Do you wake within the dream

And realize you are the dreamer?

That you always are?

Tonight, like every night, you will meet the wholeness of who you are.

Tonight, like every night, the quiet darkness will heal your body and soul.

Tonight, like every night, you will rejoin the All.

You become You, you become Me, you become No One.

Here, the stories you tell yourself about your Self melt away.

You are left whole, perfect, and powerful.

What will you bring back with you when you wake up?

Who will you choose to be?

Every morning, your soul makes the curious decision…

…to incarnate into this game.

As the light pours in, your conscious puts the pieces back together again.

As you open your eyes, you slip on your character and rehearse your story, again.

And every morning, you rise, fresh and new…

If only for a moment.

Your sleep is sacred.

Own it.

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