Bedtime Affirmations for the Exhausted

What are your last thoughts of the night before you turn out the lights?

What creeps into your mind while you lay there, waiting for sleep?

Are you owning those few precious moments you have all to yourself, or are you letting the characters of the day into bed with you?

(They better be putting out…)

Be honest with yourself.

You have a huge opportunity to recharge your entire being starting right now

…and you’re thinking about that thing your boss said today.

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Let’s think about that.

Thanks to the Law of Attraction people preaching their “high vibe” consciousness and like-attracts-like philosophy, it’s now very likely you’ve at least heard of the idea of affirmations: positive statements you repeat to yourself as true.

Maybe you tried it out with mixed results.  Maybe you’ve rolled your eyes at this trend, too. Or maybe you were obsessed with The Secret but have long since burnt out.

(I’m not saying they’re necessarily wrong, but if you’ve felt marginalized by the overly simplistic notion that you’re just not thinking positively enough, I’m with you.)

I do thank them, however, for bringing to light (again) the power of self-talk as a way of affecting your reality and effecting change.

Personally, I’ve had to work out my own way of making daytime affirmations perform for me, as the ego is quick to contradict every damn hopeful phrase  you dare utter.


Interestingly enough, though, I’ve never had a problem with sleep-specific affirmations. After some pondering, I realized that it’s because deep down I really do believe I deserve rest, re-connection, and rejuvenation. It’s really not that much of a stretch.

Maybe you don’t yet fully believe you deserve effortless wealth, but you can let yourself have a night of fucking peace and quiet, no?

It’s not a given that you have to stress about your to-do list;  you’re allowed to dream of sex with Prince amidst an epic poacher-hunting escapade. Just me? OK.

Where was I?

Yes, the power of thought.

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In order to understand why night-time affirmations are so powerful, you have to first remember this:

The stories you tell yourself about yourself are truly what shapes your reality.

And if that’s too heavy for bedtime, take a Tums, girl.

“I can’t sleep.” Yes, you’re right.
“Sleep comes to me easily and naturally.” Yes! You’re right!

The dark hours are the perfect time to digest new suggestions because:

  • Your resistance is low
  • The veil between your conscious and unconscious is thin

Combine that with the fact that your sleep is the one big thing in your life you are born having full control over. So why not reclaim it, make the most of it?

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Because of all of this, I consider bedtime affirmations to be total lazy (ehem, efficient) magic. You get the most impact for minimal effort.

It doesn’t have to be hard. I actually recommend you start with affirmations that are just about rest, then later you can work your way up to stuff that affects you in your waking life.

So, just for you, I made some cute little rhyming ones to get you started. Click on the image below to get them for yourself and try one tonight.

For more, I recommend you check out Jennifer Williamson’s book, Sleep Affirmations: 200 Phrases for a Deep and Peaceful Sleep. She has some of the most beautiful messages I’ve ever read.

Sweet dreams,



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