About Me

Your Sleep is Sacred

✨ Hello, sweet Dreamers!

I’m Bettie and passionate about exploring the magic of night-time and helping the nocturnal discover their best sleep.

Especially because I suffered for so many years… and still do on occasion.

However, I learned that what I had wasn’t full-blown chronic insomnia. Apparently there’s a wide spectrum! There are so many people who suffer from sleeplessness in so many different ways, and so many who feel like their problem isn’t “bad enough” to get help.

So I decided I wanted to start a blog that explores all this… starting with things I can personally share experience with and then as I learn more about others’ struggles, start diving into deeper topics.

Through my work with sleep, I also discovered many ways to use the magic of the in-between to supercharge shadow work and subconscious programming. With the Sleep Witch blog, I aim to explore the alchemy of sleep with you… if you’re ready.

At the end of the day (lol) I believe that even if you can’t actually fall asleep yet, there are lots of things we can do to improve our night time restfulness. If you want to improve your relationship with bedtime, or simply love all things night-time, stick around.

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x Bettie Noire


(bête noire. French, literally, black beast. Taboo; a person or thing that someone particularly dislikes or fears.)