My Pledge

I do not take for granted the trust you place in me as I guide you toward a better sleep.

As this site grows, I will be recommending products and services to you in various ways: affiliate links, sponsored posts, videos, etc. as well as my own courses.

I promise that I will only ever recommend that which I have tried myself, and give honest reviews to help you make your own decision.

I also disclose: “Bettie Noire is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to”

My over all goal is to improve your night time experience and my number one focus is you.

Secondary to that, I will be partnering with like-minded sponsors to ensure that this blog can continue to run. This will only be done with integrity and with your best interest in mind.

So, when I recommend something to you, you can trust that I wholeheartedly believe it can possibly help you… or that we have similar taste 😉

Also, please remember that I am NOT A DOCTOR. Always consult your doctor with any matters related to your health, especially before taking any new products or supplements. Never delay seeing a medical professional because of something you read here.

Because of this, I also promise to you (and myself) to continuously learn—from you, from top sleep experts, and my own research—to stay up to date and well educated on the topics at hand.

So please comment and share your experiences!

Sweet dreams,


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